Reasons EP

by Soaked in Disillusion

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Nick Imamura Heavy, grabs you by the throat and throws you into a party of growling/roaring pleasure
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Recorded on 10/2/16 at Bright Lights Studio in Santa Ana by Erol Ulug.


released October 10, 2016

Songs 1, 2, 4, and 5 by Benno
Track 3 by Alex



all rights reserved


Soaked in Disillusion Culver City, California

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Track Name: Reasons Pt.1
Life of the frozen mind exists in tranquility with the silence of it's pulse. The eye sockets are empty. Vision is optional. This is prototype 2.0: The Advanced Homo-Sapien. Dehumanization at it's finest. Modern technology scraped away at just the right section of time. Use it for prosperity. Use it for oppression. Use it for cultivation. We are the vegetation. We are the farmers. The prophecy lies in a mosaic of skull fragments.

Created to kill to kill to create. Given the thumbs to hold guns and obliterate. Given the mind to make art and invent. Instead we destroy and make missiles to send.
Ch: The damage humans have done can never be fixed. The solution to that problem is to turn away that'll do the trick. Adding to the many many reasons we are trash. If this power trip continues, my hate will go unabashed.
Superior mindset and an urge to sell. Wipe out other life forms and destroy the land in which they dwell. The lengths that we go to to ensure we have power will never stop until the whole world is devoured.
Sitting on a mountain of self inflicted wounds. A nightmare come true for more than a few. There's trash in the ground and smoke that rips right through the sky. So many to blame, it's almost right to generalize.
The future is bleak.
Track Name: Reasons Pt.2
The skin on my body slowly peels off my bones and recoils in pain as my nostrils rapidly drain the blood from my brain. We watch the divide between life and living as the world dries out and we build another building. The gift that keeps on giving.
Track Name: Deteriorating Structure
Damaged inside. Running out the clock. Tell myself it's just a phase but it will never stop. I hate everything I am and all these thoughts that cloud my head, so I'll kill all you parasites with a bullet to my head. Surrounded by you all I scream "this is it". Put the barrel in my mouth and blow the roof right off the bitch. Fragments of my brain fly all over the place and my memories and emotions slide down your fucking face. Cries and screams drown out any outside sound. My motherfucking skull is shattered on the ground. The floor is now covered with anger, pain, and love cause I pulled the goddamn trigger and freed the fucking dove. Surrounded by sadistic lunatics, my hate becomes a mirror. I'm a hypocrite and a worthless prick and I wouldn't mind killing you inside with the way that I die. Fear deteriorating at the hand of disease. Fear living life as a parasitic failure. Fear all the ideas I implant in my head. Fear what is to be. Deteriorating structure, crumbling image. Deteriorating structure, existence deleted.
Track Name: Drain
I see your face in the ocean and curtains of rain. Speak softly like you tend to and rid me of the pain.
I see your face in the ocean and curtains of rain. Drown out the world and rid me of the pain.