Split With Life​/​/​Fail

by Soaked in Disillusion

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Recorded by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studio in Santa Ana on 4/8/17.


released April 14, 2017

Benno - Guitar / Vocals
Alex - Bass
Blake - Drums / Vocals



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Soaked in Disillusion Culver City, California

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Track Name: Residual Effects
Eyelids shut to watch as the ensemble of the mutilated parade around my concentrated repression. Capitalizing on the vulnerability of sleep seems to be their, or my own, intention. Bodies collapse with each word of encouragement and tears stream down my face with each movement. Every step closer leads to convulsions and tears. My eyes rotate faster with each encounter. Vomit rises as my agoraphobia induced panic grows more dominant. These people are listening to my blood pumping. Bile leaks through my body, heat overwhelms my mind, I collapse back inside. Why do you use me to enhance your depravity and inject despondency. Paralyzed with control, my veins turn ice cold. Standing on freshly shed skin feels so fucking good. Dehumanized myself to strip someone else's worth. With one foot out of me, I step forth.
Track Name: Such Noise Is Like Static To Eternity
The silent drone of monotony disturbs me. The telepathic drone of content rips through the outer cortex of my individuality like a drill. Forcefully tearing away, I drip apathy bred by assimilation. Agonizing repression splits through each skin cell on my form. Depression/blame/depression/contemplation. An air raid siren slices my vocal chords.